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One Small Win

Graceann shares her tips to celebrate the journey!

After the survival-mode mentality of the past year, it can sometimes feel as though there are constant expectations we’ve set for ourselves heading into this new season. I’m one of those people who can become completely obsessed with the big picture.

Everything in my life has to align with a GOAL.

Fitness goals, mental health goals, relationship goals.

As a society we use this word in such a way where our tunnel vision sets in and we completely discredit the progress we are taking in each area of our lives. Being in a constant state of 'chasing' can cause us to feel defeated and discouraged.

If we are motivated by the goal we need to remember to give ourselves grace throughout the process..

Whether you’re a new client or one that has been with us since the beginning, every single class you enter is a step forward. It’s a step to make your day a little better, towards feeling stronger, maybe it’s a step away from all of the stress outside of the studio...but most importantly, it’s a step towards choosing yourself.

Shifting your mindset to celebrate every victory no matter the size is an act of self-love.

There’s so much significance in making a lifestyle change instead of relying on instant gratification. If all of our “goals” were immediate we wouldn't appreciate the beauty and power of seeing how far we’ve come.

In a world where almost everything has an instant solution, let’s redirect our energy towards enjoying the small wins in-between.

Don’t wait until you’ve reached your bigger goal to feel proud of yourself.

Choose to give yourself grace for taking those steps along the way.



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