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Committing To Yourself

How to actually stick to your goals.

Let's be real - we've all started something that we didn't finish. This doesn't make you a "quitter," it makes you HUMAN. Maybe it's a scrapbook you started in 2010, the new read for book club, or a consistent workout routine. The challenge of committing to something for yourself is typically much harder than committing to something for someone else. As women, we are accustomed to taking care of everyone else... But what about ourselves?

At BBS, we are firm believers that consistency to your workouts is key for success. Showing up for yourself is not selfish, but instead, an act of radical self-love. When we prioritize ourselves, we are able to show up for others in a more grounded, present way.

Here are our tips for committing to yourself this Fall!

  1. Mark Your Calendar: Yes, pencil YOURSELF into your calendar! Carve an hour each day out for yourself to take a BBS class, catch up with a friend, or read your favorite book. You'll be ready to take on the challenges of that day with much more patience and grace!

  2. Focus on the Process: When we focus on the goal that we have set for ourself more than the process, it's easy to get overwhelmed and stop your new routine all together. By setting small and attainable goals and focusing on those instead of your overarching, lofty goals, you will likely stay motivated to show up consistently. (Ex. Setting your goal as taking 4 BBS classes each week, instead of focusing on your goal of losing 5 lbs in one month!)

  3. Discover Your "Why": Get clear about your reason for wanting to show up consistently for yourself. Your "why" could be a multitude of things, such as taking back control over your health, recharging from "mom" duties, or to feel stronger. Whatever your "why" may be, write it down in a place you come back to often, such as a planner or your phone, so that you are reminded of why you started!

  4. Commit to a Program or Challenge: Sometimes you need a little extra push and support to show up for yourself, and that's completely normal! We all need people who pick us up when we're down and remind us why we started. Signing up for a program or challenge sets you up with a clear plan, support team, and time frame that feels doable. It's the perfect way to kickstart all of the healthy habits that will act as your foundation moving forward. If you're looking for your next challenge, we are running a free 7 Day Workout Challenge on our YoutTube. Check out the details below.


The BBS Team x




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