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Our Story

Founded in 2011, by celebrity trainer Simone De La RueBody By Simone is a dance-based fitness method with a celebrity following, supported by a global community of strong women from all walks of life. We strive to ensure our clients feel comfortable, safe and at ease while achieving the best possible results for their physical and mental well-being. We offer both one-on-one personal training and a range of group fitness classes that can be accessed both virtually and in-person, and through our award-winning BBS App.

Our team of expert trainers will uplift, inspire, and support you with guidance and love to achieve your goals using our unique fusion of dance, Pilates and functional strength training. BBS method can help you achieve the body you want - and deserve!

Our Method

The BBS method is graceful, powerful - and fun. The foundation of every class is the joy of high-impact dance cardio, complemented by resistance and toning work that assist in creating long, lean muscle, as well as cultivating inner (and outer) strength. We offer several class formats to keep your routine fresh, exciting, and completely customizable to the results you are looking to achieve.

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Our Founder

Simone began training in classical ballet at the age of three and has enjoyed a successful dance career spanning two decades, including performances on Broadway, London’s West End, and in her native Australia.

After retiring from dancing, Simone made a natural transition to the fitness industry. As a NASM CPT, she began with a loyal base of celebrity clients, and was then able to expand BBS into her New York and two Los Angeles studios. Simone is also a PROnatal Pre/Post Natal Exercise Specialist.

Simone’s initial desire to create a revolutionary exercise technique was to safeguard against injuries. By providing a solid foundation on dance, she avoided the habitual wear and tear. Clients not only avoid injury, but avoid boredom.

Simone’s technique has led to the growth of both the Body By Simone brand, and her reputation as one of the hottest Hollywood fitness experts.


High-intensity dance cardio that invigorates and electrifies your mind, body and spirit. 45 minutes of nonstop dancing followed by arms and abs.

Dance Cardio

A head to toe overhaul that changes and transforms your entire body. Interval-training techniques that combine cardio and conditioning to target the upper body, lower body, and core.

Full Body
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Transform your upper body! Create long, lean muscle by using light weights to target the biceps, triceps, shoulders, back and core.

A mat based class with short dance cardio intervals.

Arms, Back and Core (ABC)

Targets your lower body to create long, lean muscle. A class that sculpts your hips, lengthens your thighs and tightens your buns while strengthening your core.

Hips, Thighs and
Buns (HTB)
bts tramp_043.jpg

A low-impact cardio option that protects the joints and increases lymphatic flow. Intervals of high energy bouncing on a spring free rebounder, followed by intermittent full body strengthening.

Tramp Cardio
Simone's Transition
to fitness


Simone finishes her final Broadway show, Promises Promises, and transitions into fitness working out of a small UWS studio apartment.

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