Break Up with Your Fitness Funk (For Good!)

We asked our NYC team to share their top 3 ways to stay motivated to move and sweat, even when they’re not feeling it!

The start of the new year always brings about lofty goals to work out each day and to wake up early to squeeze in that favorite class of yours. Now that January is almost over, is anyone feeling like most of that motivation is gone? (Cue hand raise!)

You might be in a fitness funk – and that’s OKAY! Losing that “spark” to get into class is normal and happens to the best of us – YES, even fitness trainers. If you’re feeling like your relationship with exercise is currently on the rocks, have no fear! We’re here to help you rekindle that flame for fitness with the help of our NYC Trainer team.

Here is our NYC team's top 3 ways to stay motivated , even when you're not feeling it:

1. Get An Accountability Partner!

Schedule to take a class with your bestie - you’re more likely to show up if someone is there waiting for you and it’s more fun with them by your side,” said Alice, our Director of Training and Talent. She’s right! Most people are more likely to show up if they are being held accountable. You’ll thank yourself later (and so will your bestie!)

2. Just Do It (Nike Style)

“Put your workout clothes and sneakers on- don’t think about it, just DO IT. You know you’ll feel better after,” said Jill V. Sometimes, showing up is the hardest battle we face when we’re caught in a fitness funk. It’s all about reminding yourself how you want to feel POST-workout. Try picking out your workout outfit and laying it out before you go to sleep. You’ll have less of an excuse to hit snooze when you wake up to a visual reminder of your workout! Those post-dance cardio endorphins will have you feeling extremely happy for getting there!

3. Make Time for Me-Time

“Plan your workouts at the beginning of the week and put them in your planner or calendar. Treat your workouts to be as important as a work meeting or coffee with your bestie… because they are!” said Kat, our Senior Trainer. Carving out time in your week for YOU is so important because it grounds us, let’s us breathe, and helps release anxiety from our personal lives. When we show up for ourselves, it helps us become better friends, mothers, wives, co

4. Make Time to Recover

Rest days are crucial to your workouts. Our trainers recommend at least one day to rest and let your body recover. NYC Trainer, Emily, knows that it’s all about listening to your body. “It’s crucial to create a healthy balance and give ourselves grace when needed, especially when we’re on the edge of burnout. However, usually when our bodies feel okay, it’s our brains that need the extra dose of motivation.” When your body is fully rested and recovered, you’ll be able to push yourself both physically and mentally when you jump back into class!

You deserve to feel your best!

Love, The BBS NYC Team