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What Does Self-Care Look Like?

The Top Tips That Keep Our Trainers Thriving.

The term "self-care" is used often nowadays... but what does it really mean? With the state of our world, it's becoming increasingly crucial that self-care is a part of our regular routine. As individuals, we are constantly being bombarded with information (both good and bad!) from our phones, the news, and other sources of media. All of this information can be overwhelming and difficult to digest, putting our brains and our bodies on overload. When we are feeling overwhelmed, we are more likely to experience fatigue, emotional lethargy, and burnout.

Self-care can sometimes be seen as a selfish act, but this couldn't be further from the truth! Self-care is a necessary part of our daily routine to help us become our best selves and show up for the world around us in a more grounded and selfless state.

Self-care looks different for everyone! We asked some of our BBS trainers what they do to practice self-care - here's what they said!

  • Self-care to me is doing what makes me happy! Allowing myself to take the time out of my crazy schedule and focus on myself, and staying present in the process. -Sam, NYC Trainer

  • Self-care can be as extravagant as scheduling a massage appointment and getting my nails done or as simple as staying in, watching my favorite show and having a great meal. To me, self-care is committing to set aside time for myself and choosing to prioritize my health and well-being in the midst of my crazy day-to-day schedule. -Maya, NYC Trainer

  • My favorite way to practice self-care is to cuddle up with my dog, Lacy, and watch a rom-com on Netflix! -Kat, NYC Trainer

  • Top of my self care routine= quality sleep! -Nicky, NYC Trainer


The BBS Team xo

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