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Simone's Strength Journey

'How strength training changed by body and mind...'

Dear Beauties,

We've been talking a lot about strength training lately so I wanted to share more of my personal journey with you.

I have always been active, I started dancing at the age of three, and as a dancer you train in Pilates, yoga and rely on building strength mainly through body weight exercises.

I created Body By Simone to bring fun and joy into working out because I was not one to run on a treadmill or cycle. Although over the years I had lifted weights at the gym, it wasn't until I became a certified NASM personal trainer that I starting enjoying traditional strength workouts.

A few years ago, I started lifting heavier weights whilst training some of my clients for movie roles as they needed to build muscle. As I trained with them, I exchanged my 3 and 5 pound weights for 10's, 15's, and 20 pound weights. Simply incorporating heavier weights into my schedule at least three times per week quickly made a big difference.

Aside from visually looking leaner and more muscular, I found that my overall strength had increased and all of my bodyweight exercises became easier. I looked stronger physically and I felt stronger mentally and emotionally.

Combining my traditional BBS workouts with strength training has been the perfect combination for my body, especially now at 48 years old. I plan to stick with my strength training as I get older and continue to listen to what my body needs.

If you've ever been curious about strength training, or been intimated because you don't know where to start, I highly recommend starting with 3 guided sessions a week. It has been one of the most beneficial additions to my training, and I know you'll love it too!


Simone x


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