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A Day In The Life With Simone

The routines, meals and 'Me Time' rituals that keep her thriving.

6am wake up call. My 3 year old son Oscar comes into bed for morning cuddles. This is my favourite time of the day. I take this time to practice gratitude for our health, happiness and family.

6.30am is breakfast. Often eggs on avocado toast with a cup of English breakfast tea. I always try to have a protein and a carbohydrate to fuel me for my day and workouts

7am: Shower, get dressed and look at my schedule for the day. I never listen to the news, instead I play music and psych myself up for my day ahead.

8am is preschool drop off. This is a new routine for us. I am slowly getting used to saying goodbye.

9am is my management call with my BBS team. A great chance for us all to connect on ways we can improve the brand experience, brainstorm new marketing and social ideas and taking care of our team.

10am: My first client, via zoom these days. I see most of my health coach clients this way. We discuss future goals and look at ways to find purpose and passion in every day.

11am: In person private training clients. I love working one on one to help my clients achieve their fitness goals.

1pm: Film for the digital studio. It's a tough workout and a lot of fun filming new content for our BBS beauties.

3pm: School pick up.

4pm: Family time, I put away my phone and laptop and try to be present for a fun activity. Go to the beach, go to the park, visit friends.

5pm: Dinner, we have an early dinner and I much prefer it this way. You will always see a protein and two vegetables on my plate.

6pm: Speak to my Mum in Australia on facetime.

7pm: Bedtime routine, bath, story and bed for Oscar, I follow closely behind.

8pm: Me time, I watch trashy tv, read a book, scroll on Instagram.

9pm: Tucked up in bed and could not be happier!


Simone x

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