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3 Reasons to Workout (That Have Nothing to Do With Weight Loss!)

Motivation to create a healthy, inspiring relationship with exercise.

Ever drag your feet to class because you felt like you HAD to be there? This guilt-trip that society puts on us is REAL, and it often stems from the idea that we need to stay fit and "thin." Sure, looking good is a perk that comes from exercise! However, it shouldn't be the ONLY reason we exercise.

What if our motivation for working out came from something other than looking good? When we have multiple reasons for getting to class, we are more likely to show up!

Here are the reasons we love to workout (that have nothing to do with weight loss or looking good!)

  1. Endorphins: As Elle Woods famously quoted... "Endorphins make you happy!" When we exercise, endorphins (a chemical in your brain) are released and they give us an instant burst of energy and happiness. If it's endorphins you're after, sign up for a dance cardio class!

  2. You'll Get Stronger: Exercise, specifically toning and strength exercises, help with injury prevention and preservation of the body. When we keep up with our daily exercise routine, we get stronger! This helps with everyday tasks and activities like carrying groceries, picking up your toddler, or running around with your grandkids!

  3. Better Sleep: Exercise helps release extra energy that might keep us up after our head hits the pillow! Plus, it keeps cortisol level and core body temperature in check - both crucial for deep, restorative sleep!

There are so many more amazing reasons to workout that have nothing to do with weight loss - we don't have time to list them all!

Exercise is crucial to living long, happy lives... so get to dancing, beauty!


BBS Team


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