Mindset Shifts: Ending The Post-Holiday Food Guilt

Kat's top tips to move from a restrictive to nourishing mindset.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Holidays, gatherings with friends and family, festivities to celebrate and be merry… the list goes on and on. These wonderful holiday functions can bring about some not-so-wonderful feelings about food and our body.

As a culture, most of these gatherings are centered around food. We are constantly being reminded by the media that the new year resolutions are around the corner, typically focusing on weight loss. This perpetuates the “binge now, restrict later” mentality that sends us all into a downward spiral.

When we let ourselves eat the foods we love with the intention of nourishing our soul, we are more likely to eat foods alongside them that nourish our body. While we all know that eating an entire pumpkin pie at a family gathering is not ideal, having 1-2 servings of food is TOTALLY OKAY. When we purposefully don’t let ourselves eat a specific food, all we can think about is that specific food. We are wired this way as humans.

Let yourself enjoy the holiday foods you love in moderation. It’s all about balance!

If you’re stuck in an unhealthy mindset around food and the holidays, try these simple mindset shifts to bring yourself out of a restrictive mindset and into a nourishing mindset.

Instead of: “I’m saving all my calories for dinner time.”

Try: “My body deserves to be nourished all day.”

Instead of: “I shouldn’t eat that because I’ll gain weight.”

Try: “One day won’t completely change my body composition.”

Instead of: “I need to eat all of these foods today because I am starting a diet tomorrow.”

Try: “I deserve to eat delicious and nourishing foods everyday, not just on holidays.”

Happy holidays, beauties! Remember - your body is deserving of nourishment, always.