Correct Your Work From Home Posture

Alice's top tips and exercises for better posture.

Is it just me, or has working from home this past year wreaked havoc on your body? It’s taken me an entire year to get my #WFH set up correct, and up until recently I was feeling huge knots build up in my upper body from continuously hunching over a bad at-home desk setup and sitting in one place for far too long!

We spend so much time sitting at desks and staring at screens these days, so it’s important to strengthen our back muscles as well as stretching the front of our body to combat rounded shoulders and poor posture.

My Favorite Back Exercises

Alternating Row :

Holding a set of BBS 5lb weights, hinge forward at the hips with knees slightly bent and extend your arms down towards the floor with palms facing each other. Pull or “row” your right elbow backwards, feeling your right upper back muscle (your rhomboid!) engage. Slowly lower to starting position and repeat with left arm. Continue alternating for 10 repetitions (right & left = 1 rep!). Complete 3 sets.

Reverse Fly :

Begin in the same hinged position with weights in your hands, palms facing in. With control, lift both arms to your side until they’re in line with your body, ensuring you are squeezing your shoulder blades together. Return to starting position and repeat for 10 repetitions. Complete 3 sets.

My Favorite Posture Stretches

Chest Opener :

Place your forearm (the lower part of your arm) firmly against a wall. Your arm should be in line with your shoulder and look like a goal post. Gently turn away from the wall, rotating until you feel a stretch across your chest. Repeat on the other side.

Upper Back Release :

Try a beginner ‘Eagle Pose’. Extend arms straight out in front of you with palms facing inwards. Cross your arms and wrap them around yourself, like you’re giving yourself a big hug! Your right fingertips should be reaching towards your left shoulder blade, and vice versa. Whilst in this ‘hug’, start to gently pull your arms away, trying to create space between the chest and the upper arms. You should feel an amazing stretch across the upper back and shoulders!

Lastly, make sure your at-home set up is working for you! Elevate your laptop or computer monitor by placing it on a stack of books to avoid neck strain, make sure you take frequent stretch breaks, and join us for an ABC (Arms, Back & Core) class on Zoom or the BBS App to continue strengthening those super important muscles!

Looking for a workout with both these moves? Check out the 10 minute ‘Upper Body 5’ workout with Simone on the BBS App, or head to my recent Instagram post** for a peak at what these moves should look like!