Body Love Through The Pandemic

Kat shares her body love tips.

Hey Beauties! Anyone else feel like they blinked and the world was open again?! I know that I am certainly feeling that way. And just as the world is reopening, it’s time for us to dust off our bathing suits and take that family vacation or hit the beach with friends. Social fatigue is REAL, and finding moments to ground yourself with exercise while taking that family vacay is crucial. I am my most present self and able to give the most to others when I prioritize time for myself, too! Speaking of the world reopening -- have you noticed all the recent ads on social media talking about getting your “summer body” back? I know… triggering, right?? An overwhelming number of clients that I’ve spoken to are feeling mixed emotions about jumping back into their bathing suit as we enter a post-pandemic world. Many people are not feeling as physically in shape as they were before COVID overtook our lives. If you’re feeling this way, know that you are certainly not alone. We suddenly started working from home while also helping our kids navigate online learning. We couldn’t go to our favorite workout classes. We couldn’t see our friends. We lost loved ones. We’ve felt sad, angry, and scared. And guess what… your body carried you through all of this! All the highs, lows, and in-betweens. Your body is so strong, resilient, and deserving of being honored, even if you’re not where you were pre-pandemic.

I’m here to remind that your body is beautiful, no matter where in your health journey you may be.

Don’t pay any mind to the body shaming of our post-pandemic world. Exercise because it makes you feel strong and sexy. Eat well because it makes you feel good. And wear that bathing suit and cute sundress because it makes you feel absolutely fabulous. Xoxo, Kat