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High-intensity dance cardio that invigorates and electrifies your mind, body and spirit. 45 minutes of nonstop dancing followed by arms and abs.

Dance Cardio

A head to toe overhaul that changes and transforms your entire body. Interval-training techniques that combine cardio and conditioning to target the upper body, lower body, and core.

Full Body
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Transform your upper body! Create long, lean muscle by using light weights to target the biceps, triceps, shoulders, back and core.

A mat based class with short dance cardio intervals.

Arms, Back and Core (ABC)

Targets your lower body to create long, lean muscle. A class that sculpts your hips, lengthens your thighs and tightens your buns while strengthening your core.

Hips, Thighs and
Buns (HTB)
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A low-impact cardio option that protects the joints and increases lymphatic flow. Intervals of high energy bouncing on a spring free rebounder, followed by intermittent full body strengthening.

Tramp Cardio
Group Fitness Pricing

Join us for 55 minutes of high intensity dance based cardio with a fusion of Pilates. We promise you'll leave feeling joyous!

Single Class                                            $32  

Pack of 5 Classes                                    $150*

Pack of 10 Classes                                  $270*

Monthly Unlimited                                  $325

New Client BOGO (2 classes)                 $32

*1 month expiration

137 S Barrington Pl,
Los Angeles, CA 90049

Private Group Classes Available, on Zoom or in person  |  Contact us  for pricing and information

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Private Training 

We love to motivate, inspire, and push you to achieve your goals!

Receive personal support and customized sessions from our BBS trainers, unique to your fitness journey.

Perfect for those looking to take their workout to the next level, recovering from an injury, or working towards a personal goal. 

Available in person or on Zoom.

LA Trainers
Jill Forster

West Coast Manager

Jillian loves leading her own BBS workouts on the app and in our studios all over the world! Her energizer bunny spirit...

Find her at our LA Studio &

on our BBS APP

Michelle Sharman

Michelle put on her first pair of ballet shoes at age 4 and was obsessed! She will be encouraging you in class with some “Aussie charm” to not only sweat but find a connection that lifts your vibration!

Find her at our LA Studio &

on our BBS App

Madisyn Maniff

Madisyn may be small, but she is mighty! She shares her bubbly energy and power with the BBS beauties! Along with her training career, Madisyn continues to work as a professional dancer...

Find her at our LA Studio &

on our BBS App

Averie Hennessey

Dance quickly grew from passion to profession for Avery. She danced with The Joffrey Ballet and the American Ballet Theatre as well as on the NBA court as a Los Angeles Lakers Girl! A NASM CPT...

Find her at our LA Studio

Natalie White

Natalie loves that she gets to merge her dance career with her fitness life. She loves bringing joy, energy and a whole lot of power to her classes. Don't let her small size fool you, she will have you working hard!

Find her at our LA Studio &

on our BBS App

Serena Smith

Serena loves applying her passion and knowledge for dance, fitness, and nutrition as a trainer at Body By Simone. She finds so much joy in inspiring you to move, groove, and sweat it out with her!

Find her at our LA Studio &

on our BBS App

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Nicole Humphries

Nicole strives to create a safe, fun atmosphere for each of our clients to achieve their fitness goals, and loves nothing more than to see all of our beauties dancing like no one's watching!

Find her at our LA Studio &

on our BBS APP

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Grisselle Escotto

Grisselle's love of dance started at her family's vibrant Salsa/Merengue/Bachata parties. She has trained in various Latin, Hip-Hop, Tap, Afro-Cuban, West African, and Modern dance styles...

Find her at our LA Studio

Sydney Raffenelli

Born and raised on the East Coast, Sydney grew up dabbling in athletics and arts. From a young age, she always appreciated an active lifestyle and what it can do for you, mentally and physically. Before pursuing fitness, she was a professional dancer..

Find her at our LA Studio

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